Retrieving the latest weather, news, tweets, and tinge of happiness on a Telegram bot

Image by the author — motherofapi Telegram bot
  1. quotable (/motivate)— for a random motivational quote
  2. (/dog)— for a random dog picture/gif

How I make use of my Python programming knowledge to code myself to happiness

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Decision Tree Classifier — Introduction

By Rhey T. Snodgrass & Victor F. Camp, 1922 — Image:Intcode.png and Image:International Morse Code.PNG, Public Domain,

Hands-on Tutorials

Helping communication practitioners get actionable insights through open data sources like Twitter

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Problem Statement

“How might we help the communication practitioners to get actionable insights…

Image by author

Making Sense of Big Data

Exploring and gathering insights on 12 million US health insurance marketplace data

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Investigating Population, Gender Equality in Education & Income for Singapore, United States and China

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Comparing the effectiveness of Tableau and R ggplot to deliver the key messages in Coral Bleaching Analysis

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Kieran Tan Kah Wang

Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Data Visualization | Perspective |

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